A Belter at Belton!

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Wow! That’s two days in a row where the weather has been glorious!

Luckily, we’d already planned a while ago to meet up with Dennis and Sandra for a day-out (plus a picnic!) at Belton House – and the great weather was now an extra bonus! Last time we were here, back in July last year, the weather was a bit ‘so-so’, but today more than made up for it – what a belter!

In fact, I can’t recall the last time a Bank Holiday weekend was this warm!
It was great to catch-up with Dennis and Sandra, although the place was so busy, we initially had a bit of a problem spotting them in amongst the gazillions of other families planning to enjoy a day-out!

Friends located, we booked our timed ticket and then headed for the Gardens.

Then it was a quick-picnic behind the car before heading for the House.

Once inside the House, the first thing we noticed as how cool it was a – a welcome relief to outside!

An hour later, with the tour over, it was a return to the car’s rear for Dessert (where we’d left the picnic table set up)! By now, the car-park was a lot quieter, and we actually had quite a bit of room to scoff!

Then the ‘second wave’ began, and as we said our goodbyes to Dennis and Sandra, we could see the next batch of visitors coming in – and that was at 3pm! Clearly Belton House was a popular choice , no doubt helped a generous helping of today’s sunshine!
We headed back for A1 where it was surprisingly free of traffic – as a result, we were home by four o’clock.

Another great day out with friends!
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