My 60th – More Trainers reunited

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Not another birthday meal???!!! Oh yes, and why not?!

After Friday’s get-together with my Trainer friends from the ‘BA days’, today Ian and Mags together with their other halves, Ann and Alan, joined us for a full-on Sunday lunch. Ian, Mags and I worked together on gazillions of occasions in the classroom, and in the latter years, we also formed a separate company called Trainers4Trainers to provide a bespoke training service authoring lesson plans, visuals and support materials to Trainers themselves.

Ann had pulled out all the stops – Steak and Mushroom Suet Pudding, Pork and Fruit Ragout followed by Raspberry Bakewell Tart and individual Amoretti Trifles. Super yummy!!

We spent so much time chatting that I didn’t even take any pics!

Another Trainers’ get-together this Friday – and I think that will really be my final 60th celebration!

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