Go Stowe!

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We met up with Chris, Gill, Denise and Veronica for a trip to Stowe House. Wow! If you were going to have a place to impress your friends, this would be a pretty good contender! The weather had been very disappointing this week and we were hoping for a bit of sunshine – and as things turned out, it was a pleasantly warm day – not too hot, with a slight breeze that made it perfect for taking in the sights!

Our Guide David, did a splendid job where we learned (amongst many other facts) it is also the home of Stowe School where Richard Branson was a pupil (although RB’s quoted as saying he didn’t like it much!)

If the place looked impressive from the outside, then inside was even more-so. No expense had been spared! So much so that the family eventually went bankrupt! But I bet they even did that in style – impressive!

By now we were all ‘toured-out’ and we headed back for the car to pick up the picnic bits and settled down to a lavish feast of our own. Yummy!

Then it was a final look round the grounds (by then, the camera battery had given up!), and then back to Chris and Gill’s for tea and cake including a yummy home-made chocolate delight courtesy of Veronica… Oh, and a couple of cucumbers from Chris’ hydroponics venture!

All-in-all, a fantastic day… but we came home shattered!

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