Holiday: Cruise to America – Day 0: Arrival and Departure

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So, here we are, it’s just before 7.45am and we’re all packed and ready to head off for our Cruise. This time, we’re travelling all the way to Southampton by public transort – and that’s a first for us. David was good enough to act as taxi-driver and took us to Kettering Station. It was a tight squeeze, but four cases, three humans and a kitchen sink fitted perfectly (and snugly) in the Fiat!

Right on cue then, Midland Mainline decides to have extentive engineering works today, meaning that our journey took 15 minutes longer than it should, but we’d factored that in.

From St Pancras, it was a quickish taxi ride to Waterloo before grabbing a quick bite (competing with the pigeons for our pastries!) and then boarding the 10.54 train direct to Southampton.

Waterloo Station - January 2016
Sleepy Waterloo

A Hailstorm – Welcome to Southampton!
After a dramatic hailstorm, we joined the queue for the taxi to the Cruise Terminal. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long and we were soon checking-in.

Then we headed on-board and our room for the next 10 days.

Room 5144

After a quick orientation exercise around the Ship, by way of a light salad in the restaurant, we soon got our bearings. Strangely, there’s only parts of the Ship we both remember (that’s not unusual for me, as I can’t normally recall what I had for brekky yesterday). We suspect therefore that it’s had a major revamp since we were last on-board five year’s ago in 2010.

Next on the agenda is the obligatory Lifeboat Drill at 4pm and then it’s do-what-we-like for the next nine days! Perfect!

Next stop is The Azores on Wednesday, so no more postings until then!

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