Holiday in Northumberland – Day 2 (of 7): iPlayer, Gym, Rothbury and Cragside

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A very lazy day for us today! We didn’t get up until around 8am and that was followed by a very unhurried breakfast round the kitchen table.

Then it was a question of priorities – I downloaded and watched last night’s episode of Doctor Who whilst Ann got ready for the Gym (there’s a free one on-site). One episode later, we headed in the direction of the Gym, taking a look at the adjacent heated swimming-pool on the way – even I was tempted, so perhaps tomorrow?

Once inside, we played to our strengths – Ann worked-out hard, whilst I blogged!!

Then is was off to The Queen’s Head in nearby(ish) Rothbury. The fifteen-minute journey there was unusual in that it consisted of mostly two main roads (the A694?), both very long, and both very straight, with plenty of ‘uppy-downy’ bits along the way – it made me think that this would have been more fun on a bike!
Angry smile 

Back to reality then: Ann, when planning this holiday, had been impressed by the online reviews of the Pub/restaurant, and it seemed therefore to be an ideal place for Sunday Lunch. We weren’t to be disappointed!

On arrival, the Restaurant was packed, so we were ushered off into the Bar whilst they prepared our table. Four sips of Guinness later, we were sitting with the masses. Menus quickly followed, listing the traditional Sunday Roast plus a selection of Specials. Ann opted for the former whilst I selected the Special – Steak and Mushroom Pie. Ann’s portion size was massive,  whilst mine was merely large and so special, they’d forgotten the mushrooms (much better than forgetting the steak!).

Looking around, it was clear the place was mostly locals who had mastered the art of getting their portions to defy gravity thus maximising the volume of food on their plate. The waiting staff were politely efficient and it was obvious they didn’t eat there given their slender frames!

Ann couldn’t face dessert, but I’m always up for a challenge, and so the Bailey’s Cheesecake got my attention! Suitably stuffed and with change out of £25, we headed back to the car and onto NT’s Cragside. This was the home of William Armstrong, top Engineer of his day, and famous for lightbulbs, the hydraulic crane, hydro-electricity, the hydraulic accumulator (used by Tower Bridge) and armaments! In fact, we learned that Cragside was the first house in the world to have hydro-electricity light it.

Apparently, we’d both been to Cragside back in the late 80s, but surprisingly (and perhaps worryingly) I didn’t recall ANY of it! Not a thing!
I don't know smile

Then it was back on the uppy-downy roads to ‘Craggy Cottage’ and an evening of cheese and biscuits and Sunday TV.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, we’re doing the coast road.

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