Shard Day

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Down to London today, courtesy of that other smooth operator (see what I did there!), East Midland Trains, for my second visit to The Shard. I took on the Tower back in April 2013 when I met up with Peter J – we were both fascinated by, at the time, this ground-breaking construction (that had just opened in February 2013) and so we did the ‘tourist thang’ and headed for the observation deck for some breath-taking views.

This time, my visit was even more sociable! Shirley P and Sally B had invited me there for a thank-you lunch for the work I’d done creating a ‘mobile-friendly’ version of their website – Juno Learning and Development.

The girls had booked the oddly-named Oblix restaurant on the 32nd floor. The first challenge was actually finding it amongst the Shard’s confusing and lacking signage. However, once found – what an experience! The food and service were top-notch – and the views across London were just as jaw-dropping as seeing them from the observation deck!

Thanks girls – great company, great views, great conversation – oh, and great cheeks (you had to be there!!!)

On the way there, I took the opportunity to take the short walk to the station entrance in Tooley Street and look at the building where Dad spent most of his life working! Now a teaching hospital – then, Emblem House, home of A J Mills, purveyor of fine imported foodstuffs. I still remember travelling there on Saturday mornings in the 60s and staring out the window on the second floor!

Nostalgic stuff!

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