Holiday in Dublin – Day 3

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It’s our penultimate day in Dublin and it’s a rare treat today, as no rain is forecast until 6pm! However, having learned that the predictions here can be a bit hit-and-miss, we dressed accordingly – and that included an umbrella each!
Umbrella Umbrella

We decided to make today, a day of culture, but not before we found somewhere for breakfast though. In a change from the previous two days, dining at Wuff, we headed towards another local Bistro that served brekky (that we’d spotted on our walk back to the hotel yesterday) boasting ‘secret recipe Baked Beans’ (for me, at least, that meant this place was going to be perfect!). Obviously it was such a secret, that when we arrived, the place was closed!
Steaming mad

Onwards and upwards, and we then looked around for another suitable eatery. There are plenty of places to choose from here in Dublin, but not all of them are open for breakfast – and to add to the challenge, I was still trying to stick to my Lent-List and avoid (amongst 34 other foods), sausages! – and these are a staple feature of all traditional Irish Breakfasts. Success came in the shape of the attractively titled: Queen of Tarts – a tiny establishment, but clearly getting it right, as it was soon full-to-bursting, ten minutes after our arrival. To avoid the ‘sausage-trap’, I opted for the veggy-breakfast, that excluded the banned product!

The Queen of Tarts, Dublin

My Lent-Compliant Brekky!
Forty-five minutes later, we were stuffed! (and I was doubly-impressed, as they had served their own baked bean recipe too!)
Open-mouthed smile

…next stop: Dublin Castle, a short walk away.
Scenes of Dublin Castle

After the Castle, it was off to nearby The Dubh Linn Gardens* (no, the keys didn’t get stuck, it’s how they spell it!)

Scenes of nearby The Dubh Linn Gardens

* I’m grateful to my learned friend John M for pointing out that I actually spelt Dubh linn as Dubblinn in the original post above (sticky keys indeed!)

Then, a quick pit-stop before dropping into the rather attractive City Hall

Inside Dublin City Hall

..and then just round the corner was the statue of ‘Sweet Molly Malone’. Unveiled in 1988, during Dublin’s millennium celebrations ,by the then Mayor, he declared that June 13th was to become Molly Malone Day. Progress marches on, and the statue was relocated to its current position in 2014 to make way for the Tram development in the City.

She Wheeled her Wheelbarrow…

Surprisingly for me, this was an amazingly popular attraction, and it took me ages to get the above shot – and the sound of a group of Italian students singing the famous song in their best English, was a slightly surreal experience!
Then, it was off to the National Library of Ireland. No photographs were allowed in the reading room (why?), so there’s not much to show for our visit there. However, there was also a W B Yeats’ exhibition (opened in 2006) and this was a VERY comprehensive account of his life. He was a complex man, and the exhibition made for interesting, if somewhat depressing reading!

The National Library of Ireland

A sure sign, we’re in southern Ireland (to be sure!)

Re-engaging ‘culture-mode’, we headed off to the National Museum of Ireland – Natural History. By now, the weather had improved significantly. The day had started out with a cold wind, but had now been replaced with a brief period of super-sunny weather. So-much-so, we sat outside the Museum for 20 minutes and soaked-up the rays!
Natural History Museum

Then it was onto the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology & History. There was plenty to write home about here, especially the VERY impressive hoards of gold artefacts – some of the gold collars were 2000 years old!

Archaeology & History

And, as the clock struck 2pm, we were all cultured-out, and in need of food! After a longer walk, and over the ha’penny bridge, we discovered The Woollen Millsa very busy eating house with some very interesting items on the menu. Ann opted for fish, whilst I chose the Belly Pork, washed down with a Black Pitts Porter – to me, a sort of mild Guinness. We finished the meal off with a shared dessert. The food and service were excellent!!!

We took the Tram back to the Hotel for a serious ‘feet-up’ session. We didn’t manage to cover ALL the museums today, but we have a full (final) day here tomorrow, and the National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts and History is just down the road from the Hotel – so, that’s perfect then!

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