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The Table Awaits...
The Table Awaits…

In what my be considered by some to be an example of poor planning, we hosted a dinner party tonight for Jo, Janet, Valerie and David – whilst David and I were on Day 2 of our Eat-for-£1-a-Day-Challenge! Talk about temptation!!!!!
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Whilst the girls tucked into Nachos & Dips, followed by my homemade Chilli, followed by Ann’s homemade Trifle, followed by a Cheeseboard, all washed down with beer, wines and spirits, David and I ‘slummed it’ with David’s lovingly created: ‘Creamy Tomato Pasta Bake with Mushrooms and Sausages’ accompanied by a glass of water!

And when I say ‘sausages’, I mean it in the broadest sense – they were Lidl’s economy range, and although they looked very sausage-like, I’m pretty sure no animals were harmed in the making of this British staple!!! In spite of this slight culinary challenge, no photographs exist of this culinary masterpiece as David and I ate it so quickly! There were seconds too – just!!!
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Actually, despite its simplicity, our Pasta Bake was pretty tasty! – but it probably didn’t compare to what everyone else was enjoying! As I’d made enough Chilli to feed most of Northamptonshire, and in spite of some very healthy appetites, there was enough left over for David and I to relive our guests’ taste-experience, when we revert to a ‘normal’ menu this coming Friday.

Chilli for the Whole of Northamptonshire..?
Chilli for the Whole of Northamptonshire..?

After Teas all round (even for David and me – it’s on the list and within budget!), we called it a night around 11pm, and said our goodbyes. It was good to see everyone, and with no apparent signs of malnutrition, David and I now enter Day 3 of our challenge!!!

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