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We travelled to Heckington today to see Denis – probably our last visit before we see him again on Christmas Day. We took a slightly different route via the nearby villages to try and locate a suitable nearby Pub for lunch. We decided we wouldn’t go to the Fortescue Arms in Billingborough (our normal haunt when we’re this way) – that was to be our undoing! 

I hate this part of the UK – it’s all just too rural for me (plenty of gee-gees, but no 4g!!! – not even 2g!), with field after field – zzzzzzzzz -of essential foodstuffs such as sugar-beet, turnips and most other root vegetables. Couple that with the cold weather and today’s persistent fog, it just confirmed my worst fears about this area. It’s all so flat and boring, with miles and miles of mostly nothing, with large swathes of no mobile signal at all – I really can’t see why anyone would choose to live around these parts – still, each to their own, I suppose!!!

We arrived just after noon, picked-up Denis and headed for our lunch venue – the newly discovered ‘Nag’s Head’ in Helpringham – an almost deserted village, apart from the occasional cat.


After ploughing through the mud in the Pub car-park, we headed via the car-park entrance towards the Bar and ‘Restaurant’ (note the inverted commas!), passing signs for lunch ‘everyday’! (note the inverted commas!)

Yeesh! On finally finding the Bar, it was like a scene from an old black-and-white western, where the stranger in town wanders into the Saloon! All that was missing was the tumbleweed! A few locals (easily spotted by the extra fingers on each hand), and the Pub dog populated this watering hole (no wonder the village was empty!). Ann inquired about food, only to be told they weren’t doing any!!! The only thing colder than the weather up here today, was the welcome!

Disappointed and now hungrier, as we left the Nag’s Head, we saw that it was up for sale, but the sign also said ‘business as usual’ – I’d hate to see its business when it’s UNusual!
Winking smile

The Fortescue Arms in Billingborough

Portion Size is not a Problem!

Yummy Desserts – all Home-made

We headed off back in the direction of the familiar Fortescue Arms. Good news! A fab menu awaited, with the traditional warm welcome. We’ve been coming here for almost 15 years, and the food always impresses – all home-made, where ‘portion control’ is not part of the plan!!!
Smile with tongue out 
Suitably stuffed, it was back to Denis’ for a quick cuppa before heading home.

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