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Today, we said goodbye to Berlin and took the train to our next destination – Hamburg. It was the perfect day to leave as the weather was truly atrocious – rain, rain and more rain. If we stayed in Berlin, I’m not sure how we would have spent the day! Getting soaked I reckon!!!!

The Lounge at Berlin Station

It was much more comfy in the Lounge at the Station, and we didn’t have to wait long before our pre-booked train arrived on the platform with typical German precision timing – 11.10! Then, in just under two hours, we arrived in Hamburg Station, ready to soak up what the city had to offer. After a short taxi ride, we were checking-in at our hotel – the rather functional (and very new) Holiday Inn Express. Room 511 is our home until saturday, and we were soon unpacked and ready to explore the City.
Holiday Inn Express – Hamburg

Luckily, the weather had perked up, and the Sun almost came out, leaving the rain behind although it was pretty cold. Still, that wasn’t going to slow us down, and we soon located the Underground station, and the correct line to take us in the centre of Hamburg. After a slight disagreement with the ticket machine, (that refused to accept any of our notes or cards), we were soon rubbing shoulders with the natives and tourists in the city centre.

Wow! what a difference compared with Berlin. Looking at the names above the shops – Gucci, Armani etc, it was immediately obviously that we were in a more affluent area of Germany, and we took the opportunity to have a good look at stuff we couldn’t afford!The 14,900 Euro necklace looked nice though!

Next was a wander down to the waterside where we caught a unique view of the fountain where, due to the water spray and and angle of the sunlight, we were treated to  a mini-rainbow to one-side of the water-jet.

Mini Rainbow by the Waterside

Then it was in to the rather posh department store – Alsterhaus – for another look at even more nice stuff! Next stop was St Peter’s Church, where were lucky enough to see a choir in rehearsal – great tunes with great acoustics!

St. Peter’s Church, Hamburg

Then, after a quick break for a nibble, it was off in the direction of the regenerated Harbour Area to look round.

Scenes around the Harbour Area

It was clear that a shed-load of money has been spent regenerating the area – and all for the better! It reminded us a little of the Docklands area back home, and with the Sun shining on the buildings, it all looked very attractive.

By now, the temperature had dropped significantly, and with the wind blowing off the water, dropping the temperature even further, that was our cue to head back to the Underground and our hotel room! Luckily for us, there was a Supermarket opposite the hotel, so we were able to stock-up on a few essentials for a carpet-picnic.

Another great day, helped by the lack of rain!Hamburg to us, seems much more attractive than Berlin, and we’re glad we made this a two-city holiday.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Bremen.

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