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Received a Kit-Kat today! No, it wasn’t me ignoring my Lent List, instead, it was the rather bizarre name for the latest OS update to my Android phone, the Galaxy S4.

A rather chunky 354.88Mb download showed that it was going to take around 20-30 minutes to grab the update file – but that was the easy bit. What followed was the upgrade process itself (always a heart-in-the-mouth moment) as the phone sports all sorts of strange screens and reboots a few times. Still, about ten minutes later, after a final reboot, it was all up-and-running – success! A shiny new OS Kit-Kat v4.4.2

PS. Just noticed that there are sorts of issues with some apps NOT being able to save their data to the external card. Apparently, this is ‘by design’ (thanks Google!). Although I can plug the phone into my PC and copy stuff to the card using the PC, using various file managers ON THE PHONE all fail spectacularly when trying to copy and move data to the microSD card. Seems like a MAJOR inconvenience, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it!

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