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HUAWEI Mobile WiFi E5776
Technophobes, look away now!


This is a handy piece of kit – it’s the tongue-twisty Huawei Mobile WiFi E5776. The device gives you your own wireless network wherever you are using the 3G/4G network – so no more rip-off fees from hotels to use the internet!!!

It’s about the size of a cigarette packet (remember those) and can run on its own battery for total portability, or from the mains. If that’s not enough, it’ll also plug into a PC and provide a wired broadband connection, getting its signal from the mobile telephone network.

If you are looking to easily make a few more friends, it’ll let you also connect up to 10 additional devices wirelessly – in effect, you become your own wi-fi hotspot.

We got ours from those nice people at EE – why?, because they included a free 7 inch tablet, and out of all the mobile phone providers, they’re promising the quickest expansion of 4G (including a double speed 4G connection that’ll be faster than fibre optic) – and for those round these parts that have suffered with crappy sub-1Mb/sec internet speeds for what seems like forever, this may be the way forward.

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