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Denis joined us in the afternoon. He’s staying until Sunday. He’d had a good trip down and was already at ours when I got back from Trish and John’s after sorting out a few bits & pieces with Trish’s phone and tablet.

Ann was working from home and after a(nother) frantic week at work, we decided to treat ourselves and so we booked a table at The Wheatsheaf at Titchmarsh for an early – 6.30 – evening meal. It was a first visit for Denis, but we must be up to about 30 yummy-visits by now. It was quiet when we got there, but within an hour the whole place was buzzing! (always a good sign!!!). The food and service was, as expected, SUPERB. We all settled for variation of steak, and whilst Denis and I then tucked into desserts, Ann made do with just a schooner of dessert wine. I say a schooner, but the portion was more the size of a cruise-ship!

Yummy Dessert at The Wheatsheaf, Titchmarsh

We were home just before 9pm and Lee arrived not long after. We weren’t sure what to watch on the TV but I’d heard good reports about Mrs Brown’s Boys, so we settled for that.  In spite of being a self-confessed TV addict, I’d never got around to seeing this series before, so I was looking forward to seeing what I’d missed). BIG MISTAKE!!! I’d like to think I’ve got a broad sense of humour, and I giggle at most things, but this just didn’t do it for me. With the f-word every 5 minutes and a laughter-obsessed audience, neither of which helped, I found the whole thing 100% UNfunny – and the bad language a tad embarrassing and totally unnecessary (Yes, I am getting old!) – Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve got to say this was the worst comedy programme I’ve ever seen – this felt more like a show from E4, but this was BBC ONE primetime! Time to move to Tunbridge Wells I think!

We watched the 10pm News and then toddled off to bed.

If it’s Saturday AND and a Bank Holiday, then it must be raining! And raining it was – big heavy extra-wet raindrops, meaning that even the cats  stayed under the shelter of the garden table. Not great weather if you’re planning to go to an outdoor theatre production (we are!). Bummer!

So, after a lazy morning we drove over to Kilworth House Theatre to see Anything Goes. Jo, Janet and Carol were also there and we also met up with Ralph and Karen.

Anything Goes

What a production! The sheer professionalism of the Players made this one of the best performances we’ve seen – ever! any time! and anywhere! Hats off to you guys for your enthusiasm. We’ll be talking about this one for months!
A great Set for 'Anything Goes'

After the production, it was all back to ours for afternoon tea courtesy (mostly) of Mr Waitrose! with a glass of wine (or ten) to wash it all down!

Afternoon tea at ours

The weather improved a little (but not much!), but at least the day started mostly dry. We all had a lazy breakfast, with Denis  heading home shortly. Next stop for the four of us – lunch at The Vines at Barton Hall for 12.30. The weather brightened-up so we walked there!
Looking out from The Vines

I'm turining vegetarian (not really, but it looked scrummy!)

Zero calories - well, two zeros... and a 3

Hats off to The Vines, they got it spot on! Great food, great service and a great atmosphere!

The day began with a plan! – tidying-up the house and ploughing through the washing and ironing. The weather started again quite dull so it made sense to get into the chores as the first jobs of the day! By the middle of the morning with all chores sorted, it started to warm up outside, and by lunchtime it was a (very untypical Bank Holiday) scorcher! We took advantage of the good weather and had lunch in the garden followed by a slow WALK (yes, I know, twice in the same weekend) down to the village to post some letters, returning almost a kilo heavier having discovered a jungle full of blackberries on our route!

It was feet-up for the rest of the day for me, whilst Ann prepared for another week of hard work.

A great Bank Holiday –  Good food, good entertainment, good friends – and (eventually) good weather!

Perfect! Open-mouthed smile

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