The Good Old Days

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Steve, Denise, Roy and Susan joined us for lunch. We’d planned it for a month-or-so ago but postponed because we were both down with very bad colds. Lee stayed over, and between us, we managed to keep the kitchen pretty much clear of debris during the massive food preparation before the guests arrived.

The food, as always, played a central part – nibbles to start with, followed by Salmon with Ann’s secret recipe breadcrumb topping for the vegetarians and roast chicken with all the trimmings for the rest of us. Desserts were full of innovation and experimentation as we tried Apple and Molasses Crumble and Croissants soaked in melted dark chocolate & brandy with a vanilla cream sauce. The latter definitely got my vote!

It wasn’t long before we were all reminiscing about the good ol’ day’s of Sainsbury’s (which left Steve and Susan somewhat confused being non-JSers!). It was such a laugh, thinking back to the days when we all shared the same office in Romford, but I was slightly embarrassed when everyone seemed to recall ‘the trip’ we all did to Amsterdam – and I couldn’t remember ANY of it!!!

It was great to all get together again – it’s amazing that in spite of us all having very different jobs, and having lost touch for a few years, we’ve all ended up living very close to each other.

We finished off the afternoon with a nice cuppa and everyone left just before 5.

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