Long Weekend in Long’s Park Castle – Sunday

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I woke up to sound of loud thumping – then realised it was just my head! Predictably, the lethal cocktail of fruit gin and fruit vodka had wreaked its revenge and all I could think about was ‘steamrollers’, ‘hammers’ and ‘paracetemol’!!

Note to self: These drinks are NOT a smart way to get your ‘five-a-day’!!!!

What will today bring? It’s our last full day here and we plan to visit the beautiful village of Lacock later.

…but not before the promised full english for brekky! And when we say full, we do mean full. Generous portions all round of virtually every component of this staple breakfast, including Penny’s creation (a new one on me), revealed to us as the Wife-Saver. A mix of bread, cheese, bacon, spices and cream – and topped with corn-flakes and then finally, baked in the oven. It sounds like it shouldn’t ‘work’, but it was the most popular choice and gone in a flash as everyone tried some!!!!

Verdict by all: Scrummy!

11.45 We took the drive to Lacock as planned. There was plenty to see: The Abbey, the Cloisters, the Brewery and a second-hand bookshop. A wonderful place, very ‘olde worlde’ – no sky dishes, no TV aerials and also apparently the ideal location for some period BBC series including the very popular lark Rise to Candleford (I think!). It was a joy to look round – and the place was heaving!

Laycock Abbey 
Next stop, was Avebury.  Looked after jointly by National Truest and English Heritage, it was well worth the visit. I’d never been there before, but Ann had been there on a school trip just 40 years ago! There was plenty to see – part of which we knew a bit about, the other was a complete surprise!
The Stones at Avebury
The part we knew about was ‘the stones’ – a bit like Stonehenge, only much, much larger. The part we didn’t, was related to the Avebury Manor. It apparently re-opened yesterday after a major restoration and is the subject of a new BBC series coming up this week imaginatively titled: To the Manor Reborn and starring Penelope Keith. 

Avebury Manor

We got back to base around 3 o’clock. Time for a short spell of ‘feet-up’ before starting to pack for tomorrow as we’re leaving around 9.30.

Looks like it’s leftovers tonight – but a veritable feast nonetheless. Everyone did their own thing rather than the formal sit-downs we’d been having on the previous nights.

So it’s good-bye to everyone – Mark and Kate, Bob and Sally, Noel and Helen, Paul and Karen, Penny and of course, David and Rosi (who organised it all!). We’ve had a great time – see you all again soon.

10pm and we’re off to bed.

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