It’s chilli round here…

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chilli night

David, Val, Jo, Janet and Lee joined us for one of our infamous ‘chilli-nights’.

I’d created the chilli a couple of days ago and left it to germinate fester improve, and then popping it into the sloooooow-cooker just after 2 this afternoon, for five hours of simmering – yum yum! All that was needed was then to add the mushrooms (I find it’s always best to leave mushrooms ‘til last, otherwise they tend to live up to their name – errr, mush!)

Ann prepared the sides – garlic bread, sour cream, grated cheese whilst I added the finishing touch providing some extra jalapeno chillies for those wishing to live dangerously! The only thing left to add was Uncle Ben and his rice, and we were sorted

Val supplied the desserts – rhubarb crumble, profiteroles and steamed gingerbread – yummy!!

We finished the evening with teas and coffees all round, whilst the dishwasher did its stuff. Heck!, we even had time to go for a walk afterwards.

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