Haworth: Day Three (Bank Holiday Monday)

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Yes, up late again – 7.45! 🙂 The weather forecast is a bit crappy for today, although peeking through the curtains revealed something rare – a blue-ish sky!!

With the weather a little unpredictable, we decided to seek the safety of somewhere under-cover, so we’re going to take the short drive to Colne – around 9 miles away. It’s got a massive Boundary Mills superstore, so that’ll be worth a look.

We decided to take the short route to Colne – this meant avoiding all the main roads and using the local road. it was about a fifth of the distance and about a hundred times more dangerous because of the numerous narrow bits and the stunning views (that distracted the driver) either side of the road revealing stunning views of the yorkshire/lancashire landscape.

Boundary Mill Superstore - Colne 

It was worth it though, the store was fantastic – so large it was difficult to navigate around but it seemed to stock most things. It even had an M and S outlet in it too. We shopped ‘til we dropped (into the restaurant) and then shopped some more! However, by 1.45 were all ‘shopped-out’ and headed back to the Cottage. Just our luck to get stuck behind a coach on the which doubled the time it took to get back.

We were back to the cottage by 2.15, and that’s where we stayed for the rest of the day. It certainly wasn’t warm enough to go anywhere else, so we caught up with our reading complemented by a yummy selection of cheese and biscuits and (for a time), a roaring fire! – perfect!!!

Homemade Lasagne tonight for supper – yum!

We’re off to the famous Bradford Media Museum tomorrow.

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