My NetBook throws a wobbly!

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parrot It’s been a constant companion of mine now for nearly 18 months , but yesterday, it finally had enough of being shoved into dark places, left in training rooms all alone and forced to travel in the luggage area on planes!

At 3pm yesterday it was fine – windowing away nicely, thank-you. By 5pm, this had been replaced by the infamous ‘BSoD’ (Blue Screen of Death) that’s so common with Windoze XP machines. The message on the screen said ‘Unmountable Boot Volume’, which in English means, the hard disk has failed.

In spite of a lot of pampering, four hours later, it was no better, so I gave it its last rites – and rather like the parrot in Monty Python, it has now ‘ceased to be’.

So, it’s bye-bye Dell and hello Samsung NC120 (in a few days).

Don’t you just lurrrrrve technology!

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