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Our room 'Swanns' I was up about 7am after a restless night where my sore throat turned into a chesty cough! (great!!)

After a hearty breakfast, and a ‘planning meeting’, we decided to take a picnic and head for the east-coast. Ann’s driving today with Karen navigating, whilst we heckle from the back! 🙂

Trevor is cooking tonight, so we’re eating ‘in’ – that’ll keep the food-kitty in better health after last night’s extravagence!

St Nicholas Abbey First stop today was St Nicholas Abbey. This is a restored Jacobean-style house dating back to the 17th century and the days of slavery here in Barbados. The house was in excellent condition and had its own rum-making facility on-site. A lot of money has been sent on it in recent years and they have big plans for the future including getting the steam-driven Mill up-and-running again. 

Inside the House

View from the grounds looking towards the Mill

The highlight for me was the film they showed taken in the 30s of life here – amazing!

After an hour-or-so looking round, we then decides to head for Bath Beach. Aptly named, it’s the only beach on the east-coast where it’s permitted to swim! Trevor had recommended the area because of the view and the shade. After a long twisty journey, we finally arrived and it was pretty quiet, with plenty of shade and a choice of picnic tables.

The beach at Bath

It got busy very quickly, with a number of large families all arriving at about the same time. After taking in the view, we jumped back in the car and headed back

Codrrington College (in desparate need of a make-over!) Last place on our travels today is Codrington College. A rather run-down place built as (deep breath): “the centre of excellence in the delivery of theological education and training of applicants for ordination in the Anglican Communion in particular, and for the promotion of Christian Education and the enhancement of the ministry of the laity within the context of ecumenism in general”.

When we arrived there was clearly some restoration work going on, and as I mentioned earlier, the whole place looked really run-down. We agreed it was the sort of place that with enough time and money, it could be turned into a rather select hotel. In the meantime, it just looks sad and very tired. Even the trees were falling part as Karen noticed as a branch suddenly detached itself and fell within, a metre of where she was standing.

Time to head back to base at BayField House.

By now, my cold was getting the better of me, so I just went to bed when we got back around 5. But still well enough to sample Trevor’s cooking, which turned out to be excellent! Soup then Pork and then Bread-and-Butter pudding. Yum Yum!

Hopefully, a better night’s sleep tonight!

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