Router problems

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wireless_box_ii The replacement Router arrived from O2 as planned. I plugged it in and guess what? – it made no difference! After about an hour on the phone to BT and a further 45 minutes with O2, I was no further forward. BT pushed me back to O2 whilst O2 said there was nothing more they could do.

However, after some words-of-wisdom from on of O2‘s second-line support team, they suggested removing the face-plate from the master socket and plugging the router into what’s called the test-socket (the socket that sits behind the face-plate). Success, it worked! …but it wouldn’t work when plugged into the normal socket. Apparently that means it’s a fault with the faceplate and that’s neither the responsibility of BT nor O2!!!! I’m told I need an electrician.

I gave Mick a call and he’s planning to pop-in over the weekend – hopefully, he’ll sort it out for me.

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