Holiday in Oman – Day 4

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We got up about 8am and headed for breakfast at about 9.15. Looks like another hot day here in paradise but it’s our last full day here today.

After breakfast, we asked for a tour around the rooms in the other two hotels. The other two nearby hotels are ‘Al Bandar’ (slightly posher) and ‘Al Husn’ (extremely posh).

10.00am. We were shown round by ‘Jounnis’, a very capable guy from ‘Al Bandar’. The tour lasted about an hour and it’s fair to say, we were impressed with it all! One thing that was immediately obvious, was the quality of the carpets… Very plush!!!

Al Bandar

The ‘middle’ of the three hotels both in terms of location and price. It had rooms and suites and both were superb! Overall, I preferred this hotel out of the three – it seemed to have more character than The Husn, and more of a ‘buzz’.

Al Husn

This is the most expensive of the three -and it felt like it! Butlers, rooms with kitchens, separate lounge in the room, private beach. No expense had been spared here. Total luxury, with prices to match – around 7,500 quid for the ‘presidential-suite’ per night!

11.30am. We hit the beach. It was just the right temperature with a fair bit of breeze.

2.15pm. After nearly two hours we decided to have something to eat in the beach-bar nearby – ‘Circles’. Success! After 25 years, I managed to get Ann to try a kebab! πŸ™‚

3.15pm. Time for a snooze.

5.30pm. Time to get ready for our final evening meal here. We’re keeping it simple and going to ‘Samba’. This is the restaurant where they also serve breakfast.

7.00pm. So, we tried out the ‘Samba’ restaurant. Interestingly, it was the busiest restaurant we’ve been to here so far. That may have been due to their prices being slightly cheaper than the other eateries. Even though there was a buffet for the main course, we decided to choose from the menu. Ann and I both had the fajitas. What a feast! they were packed with prime steak – lovely. We opted-in for the buffet desserts – another fantastic selection!

After stuffing ourselves, we staggered up to Reception to hand in the feedback form for our stay together with a (positive) feedback card for Jounnis who conducted our tour earlier. In return they gave us a voucher worth about 22 pounds for refreshments. We used it in part for a couple of very smooooooooooth coffees in the Hotel Lounge.

8.45pm. We were too tired to pack tonight, so we watched a bit of TV instead.

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