Children-in-Need Weekend – Day 3

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Breakfast was planned for 9.30, although by the time we all got up and were ready it was nearer to 10.15. We all got stuck into one of Andrew’s famous ‘full-English’ breakfasts and no doubt our waistline will suffer as a result! πŸ™‚

We set off for Lee and Bertie’s around 11.30 leaving most of the gang behind – Sally and Tom had left just before us.

We were soon there. I replaced their PC keyboard (as their ‘k’ had stopped working) and they gave me my belated birthday present – a very nice set of cuff-links. We caught up with all their news and then tucked into a full roast chicken lunch. Ann couldn’t manage the apple pie dessert but I upheld the Palmer tradition of eating anything that’s presented to me on a plate!

We left around 3pm and decided to travel back via Norwich to see if it was any quicker. We think it would have been, but the traffic near Thetford Forest had got itself into a bit of a mess. We diverted via Bury St Edmunds and got in around 6pm. Not a bad journey and it certainly felt faster.

We got unpacked and started to process the photos from the weekend. Ann did the thank-you note to Caroline and Andrew. It got to 9pm and we were knackered, so we hit the sheets!

All-in-all, a busy weekend, but a really enjoyable one.

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