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speedtouch_500v6 Hhmmm…this is strange. Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that randomly, I seem to be losing the ability to connect to other PCs on the network. The biggest problem is that it is random! I thought I’d narrowed it down to a faulty router-modem, but having taken delivery of a new one today, it doesn’t seem to have made any difference. Bugger! I can see the other PCs on the network, but when I double click on their icons, I get ‘Windows cannot access…’

happyfaceUpdate 14:30. After a bit of searching around various Forums on the ‘net, I discovered a number that were suggesting the following:

1. Click on the Start button
2. Click on ‘run’
3. Type in ‘\\ipaddress’ then OK
4. Type in ‘\\<>
                                then OK
So, far it seems to have done the trick!

Update 18:05 Looks like I spoke too soon! Some of the network has disappeared although some of the shortcuts to other places on the network still work whilst others do not!

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