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I discovered that (at last!) Eric Woolfson has made a couple of his Albums available for download as mp3s.

gambler This Album is of the Theatre Production. The world premiere of GAMBLER took place in October 1996 in Monchengladbach,  Germany where it ran for 18 months.

In 1999 the leading Asian Theatre Production company Seensee premiered their first Korean language production of GAMBLER in Seoul, Korea. There have since been 5 further productions of the show, two of which toured Japan in 2002 and 2005 (the first time a Korean language production has been staged in this way) and the productions have also won several Korean Tony awards.

Following the huge success of GAMBLER in Asia, Seensee commissioned Eric to write a new musical ‘Dancing Shadows’ with the playwright Ariel Dorfman to have its word-premiere in Seoul in 2007.

gaudi-musical This Album is also of the Theatre Production. Between June 1993 – March 1997 over half a million people saw the musical GAUDI in Germany alone.

There have so far been three productions of GAUDI in the following theatres in Germany:- Stadt Theater in Aachen (1993) an 800 seat theatre; Euro Music Hall in Alsdorf (1995) an 800 seat theatre, and Euro Dome in Cologne (1996) a 1,750 seat theatre which was purpose built to house the musical.  There has also been a touring production of the show since 2005 in Germany.

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