Mini-Break: Edinburgh, Day 1

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We left home around 6.45, leaving Lee and Bertie to house-sit.

We had a good journey to Birmingham Airport and arrived about an hour later.

Our flight is scheduled for 10.35, so we had plenty of time to kill before taking off.

A trouble-free flight and it even landed ahead of schedule. 45 minutes later we were queuing for the bus from the airport to the city centre.

The weather? Cold and pi**ing down with rain – yuk!!

Because of work on the new tram system, the traffic was awful! Jams all the way. After 30 minutes we got off at our stop and after a short walk, we arrived at our apartment. We were too early to check-in so we had lunch at the Portrait Gallery (super food!)

We then mooched around town and then walked back to the apartments to check-in. We’ve got a very nice room, separate kitchen, bedroom and almost as many remote- controls as back home πŸ™‚

We went to bed for a couple of hours and got up around 5.30.

We picked up a cab at around 7 heading for the Pleasance Theatre as part of our ‘Fringe Experience’. We’re seeing Lucy Porter then Luke Toilson.

Lucy was excellent and engaged the audience well – especially Joshua from America, who she pretended to fancy throughout! Shame about the use of the ‘c’ word though.

We’d not heard of Luke, but we did see a great write-up from the Torygraph. He was brilliant Very original and didn’t ridicule members of the audience too much. He played ‘The Cellar’ – capacity 40! He deserved somewhere larger – he’s definitely got potential and we enjoyed him more than Lucy.

We grabbed a cab outside and were back in the apartment by 11pm

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