Holiday – Peasenhall, Suffolk – Day 2

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We both slept very well. Sometimes a change of location does that for us.

I think we might have slept for longer, but we were all a little concerned about the heating and whether it be working when we woke up – luckily it was!

We were both up around 7.30 — which is a bit of a lay-in for us — the weather was damp even though the forecast didn’t predict it. Lee was up a little later; Bertie stayed in bed a little longer.

We had a relaxed breakfast and decided to take a drive to Ipswich as the weather wasn’t up-to-much. It was around a thirty minute drive and we parked easily due to Lee’s status as ‘disabled’. We had a good look round the shops and stopped off in Debenham’s for a pit-stop.

We then headed for Woodbridge – a pretty town with some nice shops. We found a good restaurant for lunch – Prezzos – with an excellent Italian menu and very serious looking waiters and waitresses (a smile please!).

Bertie had a four seasons pizza; Lee, a quarter chicken; Ann, a goat’s cheese and asparagus pizza; and me, chicken with strips of bacon and beef covered in cheese.

In truth, the portions were all too big and I ended up eating some of Bertie’s and Ann’s. I must look under-fed! None of us could manage dessert, so we finished with coffee.

A final look round the shops including a big spend-up in the ‘Woodbridge Kitchen Company’ – pie funnels; new scales; mini-butter dishes; magnetic notepad for the fridge door and other bits and pieces.

Then, back to the car – talk about perfect timing. Parked at 13.38 for two hours and got back at 15.38.

Arrived back at base at around 4.15.

We spent the rest of the evening reading and listening to the iPOD.

We’re undecided as to what we’ll do tomorrow – at least the weather forecast is good – dry and sunny…

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