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I must admit, the thought of acquiring a total of NINE points on my Driving Licence hasn’t made me the happiest of people this week. I’ve been nervously waiting for Northamptonshire Ticket office to send me details of either:-
1. The inevitable addition of three points on my Licence for speeding in Daventry a week or so ago, or,

2. The offer of a ‘Drivers’ Safety Workshop’ lasting three hours (The good news with this option, is that the Police DON’T add the three points to your Licence). They nominate you to attend the Workshop, and you CAN’T ask to be considered (although I did!), and the ‘criteria are very strict’ – their words, not mine! Interestingly, they don’t publish the actual criteria.

I’d been out shopping today and came home to the familiar A5 manilla enevlope from Northampton Police sitting on the doormat. Cripes! this is worse than coming home on the day that your ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level results are due…

Time to nervously open the envelope… GULP! Here we go then…

GOOD NEWS! They’ve offered me a place on the Workshop (I must admit, based on friends I had spoken to, I didn’t think there was much of a chance of being offered this!)

Maybe there is some justice after all! 🙂

We went round to Karen and Paul’s for a SUPERB meal. Rosie had prepared the Starter of Prawns in garlic and chilli. This was followed by Karen’s ‘Lamb, slow roasted for hours’ – Beautiful. All finished off with Ann’s superb Greengage Filo pie and Fruit Cheesecake…

..and far too much alcohol too! :))

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