TravelBlog Day 8: La Coruna, northern Spain

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Docked at around 7am. Much cooler today, with a little rain. We’re told that the mighty Queen Mary 2 will be docking later. Sure enough, at around 9am, the biggest cruise ship in the world, slips into harbour…and there’s a big coincidence about to happen involving both ships!. An hour or so later, Ann and I are shopping in El Cortes Ingles…when someone taps me on the shoulder. It’s Margaret and her husband, ALSO on holiday, ALSO on a Cruise, ALSO docked in the same port. They arrived the Queen Mary 2 – How coincidental is that?

La Coruna is, in our view, a pretty ugly town, full of high-rise concrete blocks passing as dwellings of some sort – Yuk! The old part of town was much prettier though. The other thing we noticed was how busy the town was. Maybe it was the 5000 passengers from Queen Mary 2!

Villa Garcia de Arosa, north-west Spain tomorrow…

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