TravelBlog Day 4: La Belle Ile, France

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Ten miles west of Brittany’s shoreline is the island of ‘Belle Ile’. 11 miles long and 5 miles wide, it’s a beautiful island, unspoilt and very scenic. 8000 years ago, it was part of France’s mainland, but a gradual rise in sea levels led to its separation from the mainland.

The island once belonged to the English, who swapped it for Minorca! (No eBay in 1761 then!). The place is very green and dotted with potato farms. It’s a great place for touring by bike. Apart from that, it’s a really nice place! 🙂

According to Dumas’ book, Porthos of ‘The Three Musketeers’ died here. No doubt, he was run over by a tourist on a bike or hit by a potato masher!

Back to the ship for lunch on deck and a spot of sun-bathing afterwards – it’s hotter even than yesterday. Feels like 80 degrees plus

La Rochelle tomorrow…

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