Holiday: Israel – light!

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We’re off to Israel for a few days — and we’re travelling light! No unnecessary baggage (what will I do without the sink?). Just the essentials then, for our 2,446 mile, sub-five-hour flight.

And keeping to the theme of ‘light’ and ‘easy’, we didn’t even use our car. Instead, David dropped us at the station where we travelled by train from Kettering to Luton Airport Parkway — taking a mere 30 minutes, or thereabouts — finishing the day with a one-night stopover at the Holiday Inn, Luton.

Our brief hotel stay was pretty-much mandatory, because our flight is at 7.15am tomorrow, requiring a super-early check-in at just after 5.15am! 🙄

Our flight, courtesy of easyJet, is scheduled to land at Ben Gurion airport (the busiest airport in the country (situated about 28 miles northwest of Jerusalem, and 12 miles to the southeast of Tel Aviv) at around 2.15pm tomorrow. With hand-baggage only, we’re looking forward to NOT wasting any time at all at the other end waiting at the belt for our belongings! — a rare event for us two!

Israel is two-hours ahead of the UK and the weather is a touch warmer than here. However, the forecast is mixed, so we’re not making any specific plans until we get there (another rare event!) and we certainly haven’t packed any beach-wear!!!

See you on the other side! 👍

Chalomot Paz! 😁

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