Canada and Alaska – Part 1, Day 4: Thursday in Vancouver

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What a deterioration in the weather compared to all the other days we’ve been here! ‘Chucking it down’ doesn’t begin to describe the amount of rain falling! So, the perfect cue for a ‘Plan B’ of some sort! – somewhere that’s going to put us INSIDE, in the dry, rather than outside! As it’s our last full day here in Vancouver, we want to make sure we do something that’s memorable.

Plan B turned out to be a good one – a visit to British Columbia’s Science World, just a shortish train journey away. We arrived around 9.45 and queued up with the rest of Canada (who obviously had the same idea) ready for the 10am opening.

We were one of the first through the door and were quickly impressed. What a great place, with plenty of variety from dinosaur bones to dynamic live presentations of scientific principles – definitely worth a visit! Plenty of ‘stuff’ to engage young kids…

…and old(er) kids too!

The Museum even had an iMax too! A stunning film about Engineers ‘Dreaming Big’.

As our visit came to an end, we looked out the window to see that it was raining just as hard as when we arrived, so there was no hurry to leave! We had lunch at the in-house burger joint – “Triple O’s” – Yummy!!

Having munched our way through our burgers, a quick look out the window revealed that it was still bucketing down. We decided to battle the rain and so we headed back to station and back to town for a wander round the shops – specifically The Pacific Centre. It had a good range of shops, all very upmarket and also the first Windows Store I’ve ever seen. After a good look round, we finished the day with a coffee in Nordstrom department store watching the BBC Election results on my phone!

Tomorrow, we leave Vancouver behind and join the Celebrity Millennium for the second leg of our holiday (a five-day cruise heading for Alaska).

Expect a short period of “radio silence” whilst I get my head round the best way to connect to the interweb whilst on-board (it’s normally very patchy, with speeds slower than Tynan Close in the 90s!)
Confused smile

Bye-bye Vancouver! We loved your shops, your people and (mostly) your weather. We’ll be back again before too long!

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