Four go to Iceland – Day 1: Exploring around Reykjavik

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After a lazy breakfast including copious amounts of tea, we reviewed the weather forecast and we decided to explore the local area including a search for suitable restaurants for our evening meals.

Current temperature was around 4 degrees, but as it turned out, today turned into a ‘game of two halves’ temperature-wise. This morning on a local stroll down to the Harbour, and it was positively f-f-f-f-freezing!

It started off as light rain and then along came the wind and plummeting temperatures. Soaking wet and frozen, we headed for the sanctuary of Harpa Concert Hall and stayed longer than we planned. Wow! what a building!! Stunning architecture inside and out plus a great view across the Harbour. When we came out 45 minutes later, the weather was no better, but optimistically, we battled back into town – but then the weather seemed to get worse!!! At that moment, Iceland felt a very bleak to be!!!
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We retreated back to the Hotel where, after a cuppa and time to dry out, we took the car and drove to the Lighthouse at Grotta – about 20 minutes away.  Just as we did so, out came the sun followed by the bluest of skies – and the country was transformed! It felt glorious – in fact, the sun shining through the car window, felt a little TOO WARM! Now that’s more like it Iceland!!!

Next stop was the 40 minute drive to Akranes, hoping to find the ‘old fishing village’. Well, we drove around for ages… and then some… but we never found it!
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By now, it was turning into a gorgeous day (still cold, but a ‘good’ cold!). We took a few photographs and then spotted a tea-shop – where we took a pit-stop for half-an-hour or so.

We finished our drive by heading back to the Hotel. A quick turn-around followed, and we were soon on our way out for our evening meal – on foot. We walked into town and settled for a small Gastropub we’d seen during our wanderings in the morning – Sata Svinid. The food and service were great, but it was spoiled by the noisy group next to us who were clearly all already p***** when they arrived and insisted on shouting their whole conversation at each other – and then attempting to sing along with the Pub’s music.
Baring teeth smile Baring teeth smile Baring teeth smile Baring teeth smile Baring teeth smile 

So, we skipped Dessert, because we couldn’t hear our own conversation!, left in a hurry, and decided to take a relaxing walk around the older part of the Town before settling back in some comfy chairs in our Hotel’s Reception. It was much warmer too!

Weather permitting, tomorrow we’re going to head for a drive along the south coast of Iceland.

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