Catch-up with Jane and Mick

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Cripes, I don’t think I ever eaten out so often as we have this month – and it’s only the 6th!

Strangely, this one wasn’t birthday related – just an opportunity to catch-up with our old friends, Jane and Mick, who we haven’t seen for quite a few months. The Pub/Restaurant of choice was the ever-faithful The Wheatsheaf at Titchmarsh.

Coincidentally, Jane and Mick are going to Australia next year, so we had a good discussion about our recent experiences there. The Wheatsheaf, very unusually, wasn’t its normal sparkling self (it may have been something to do with the notice about restricted hours on the door AND the ‘For Sale’ sign), but luckily, none of it really affected us, as we were too busy extolling the virtues of Oz, and showing off the holiday photos of Sydney, Singapore and our recent Cruise locations.

We’re going to get together again in January, just before they travel.

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