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Up for an Award
For a few months now, I’ve been assisting the Salvation Army in nearby Rothwell passing on my computer skills. I learned recently that I’d been nominated for an award at the Annual Awards from Northamptonshire Community Foundation.

So, Ann and I drove over to The Derngate Theatre , not knowing quite what to expect. Richard and Pauline were already there when we got there just after 6.30, and the place was already packed! Clearly this was going to be a glitzy affair and hundreds of us filed into the auditorium. It was a ‘full-on’ affair with Serbian Ensemble Dancers kicking-off the evening and it finishing with the Liberty Drum Corps. In between, a lot of good people and organisations were recognised for their contribution to the county, and presented with plaques to commemorate in recognition of their good work. Sadly, nothing for me this time around, but it was a great experience being part of this annual event.

As often happens at these events, it all over-ran and by the time the awarding was over, the buffet and drinks became a very popular event in themselves! We chatted to Richard and Pauline for a short while before heading back to the car, and home.

A great night!

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