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Ralph, Karen and Ann tried out the Gym whilst I tried out the internet connection. I think we sweated about the same amount – connectivity was a nightmare!
Then it was off to the trough for breakfast, and thankfully the eardrum-bursting background music from yesterday was nowhere to be heard!
Thumbs up
Also working in our favour today were teaspoons! Clearly the Cutlery God had been appeased overnight and we got one each. Sadly, to keep the world in balance, someone had obviously upset the God of Teapots, and whereas yesterday we worried about the lack of lids, today, ALL the teapots had gone missing. However, on the plus-side, replacing them as they did with large jugs allowed me to compliment Ann and Karen on theirs without getting a slap round the face!
Nyah-Nyah Nyah-Nyah
Another day, another tube of sun lotion! I think it’s as hot as yesterday, but luckily we found a super-shady part to soak up the sun. And that’s where we stayed until early afternoon breaking only for the occasional free drink and ice-cream lunch.
Mug Martini glass

The View from Sun Lounger No. 513

Yes, today, weather-wise, was a good balance of sun and shade – it’s not the temperature out here that’s exhausting, it’s the humidity.

We chilled-out in our room or the rest of the afternoon before heading off to another of resort’s themed-restaurants. Tonight, we’re going Italian and eating at Firenze.

Our Second themed-Restaurant – Firenze

Things started well enough: we were shown to our table by a window (our preference), handed a menu each and asked for our drink orders and our menu choices. Unfortunately, it all ‘went south’ from that point! Our choice of wine (the same as we’d enjoyed next door last night) was corked. Attempting to explain it to our Waiter as the reason for rejection took a major effort on all our parts.
Baring teeth smile
Eventually the bottle was taken away, but they didn’t have any more of the same. Our second choice wasn’t in stock, nor was our third and we never heard back about our fourth! some time later, our original Waiter appeared with a bottle of our first choice (and two years older), that she’d got from the French Restaurant next door. Result!
Open-mouthed smile
Then the food arrived, just as another Waiter started to serenade the nearby table with his beautiful voice – it was all looking and feeling very Italian!

Having chosen carefully, although the Starters were passable, when we got to the Mains, Ralph’s fish and my Lasagne were just fine, but the girls were battling with their choice – Beef in a Mushroom Sauce. the reason? In spite of a full set of cutlery, what was actually needed was an acetylene cutter to get through the meat. A better description would have been Beef in Kevlar.
Surprised smile
Most of us opted for a simpler choice for Desserts – ice-cream – and luckily, that was delicious! As we wandered back to our rooms, we reflected on the experience, and we’re hoping that our visit to the Oriental-themed restaurant tomorrow night (our last day), will be more successful! So far, the food has been VERY disappointing.

Any comments?