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After yesterday’s mega-tour of Havana, we planned to take things at a much slower pace today.

We took breakfast in the ‘right’ restaurant (and collectively decidied we preferred the ‘wrong’ one that we ate in yesterday), and made a rough plan for the morning. We decided to re-trace the steps from yesterday’s official tour, but this time, much more slowly, and hopefully see some parts we missed yesterday.

Luckily, it felt less humid than yesterday and with the occasional breeze made it all a little easier on the arm-pits!! After a while strolling around, we noticed today (perhaps more than yesterday) how much work is going on in the town in terms of repair and restoration. You can easily see the potential of Cuba for tourism, but they do, somehow, need to get a move on, as there’s lots to do to get themselves ready for the hoards!

First stop on our walk, and a good example of the restoration work this city is doing, was the restored Bacardi building… Gorgeous!

The well-restored Bacardi Building

…and then back to reality, as we spotted a dead rat just outside!

So that’s where all the Trainers went!

Washing day in Havana

Just a pack of aspirin please!

A well deserved pit-stop

A stroll through the Park

Err, a naked woman holding a fork riding a cock (answers on a postcard!)

More signs of restoration

Modelled on the ‘other’ White House

We then headed back to the Hotel and discovered quite by accident, they had another roof-top pool in the ‘modern’ section of the hotel. This was much newer and larger than the one on ‘our’ side, so we spent a hour-or-so soaking up the rays before deciding what to do for our evening meal. We all agreed that we’d try out El Paseo, the in-house Steak Restaurant, but not before a short pre-dinner piss-up in K and R’s room consisting of Champers and Pringles – Perfect!

The Restaurant didn’t disappoint in terms of service and the quality of the food. Easily the best meal we’ve had since we arrived here – and good value too! And, to add to the fun of the evening, we were serenaded by two guitar players who asked us to ‘pick a tune’. They ignored my ‘anything by Status Quo’ request, but responded well to the challenge of playing Stairway to Heaven and Hotel California.

With the meal over, we headed for the Lounge, but we didn’t last long because of the cigar smoke. We called it a night after deciding that tomorrow, it’ll be our newly found roof-top pool in the morning, and maybe a wander round Havana in the afternoon.

Any comments?