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The Fox and Hounds

Time for my twice-yearly catchup with Alison W, so I drove over to Peterborough heading for the Fox and Hounds. Last time I was there back in September 2013, it was a real challenge actually getting to the Pub itself, because of some very complex roadworks and poor diversion signage (well, that’s my excuse anyway!). And, if that wasn’t enough to give me indigestion, Iain Duncan Smith, (yes, the IDS, chose to have his lunch there too!)

Anyway, back to the here and now. On entering on the stroke of midday, it looked like the place had changed hands. It was a lot more of a pubby/quick bites layout, but on sitting down at our table, the menu looked very extensive – including a lunch menu for around a tenner. Service was initially very quick, but tailed off towards the end, when they forgot about my coffee. Not the greatest of sins, but it did take the edge off the overall experience. Anyway, my chicken-breast burger was delicious together with the obligatory chips, whilst Alison’s ‘doorstep’ sandwich lived up to its name – in sheer size!

The restaurant soon filled-up, and within half-an-hour, we found ourselves surrounded! – including a table of six behind Alison, and a table for two on my left. The table of six bizarrely (given the scope of the menu) had all chosen an identical meal – duck – and to keep it consistent, the chef forgot to include the cherry sauce on ALL their meals too. On the table-for-two a rather odd and very loud phone ring tone was to be out-decibelled by the volume of the owner’s voice! Nice!!!

It was good to catch-up with each other’s news, and it didn’t take us long to put the world right! But, as always, when friends get together, the time passes-by far too fast, and, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, it was time to pay the bill and head our separate ways. Luckily, the Pub didn’t seem to be in a hurry to take our money, so we had longer to chat than we thought!

In a first for us, we’ve pencilled-in our next get together in May next year – in Oundle.

Any comments?