Holiday in Denmark – Day 9 (Last full day)

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The forecast was for another day of ‘iffy’ weather, so we decided to continue our exploration of Denmark – but by staying under cover as much as possible.

First stop of the day was Helsingor by train – and to make us feel at home, the journey was punctuated with engineering works requiring about three changes of trains! On arriving at Helsingor Station, it was breezy, but at least it was dry. The Station looked impressive inside and out – ornate ceilings on the inside complemented by some fancy brickwork on the outside.

Helsingor Station

The main attraction here for us was Kronborg Castle – the castle that acted as the backdrop for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Could he have travelled all the way to Denmark as part of the writing process? Quite possibly! The building was, as expected, very impressive – on all counts: outside, inside and the commanding view across the water.

Outside Kronborg Castle

Inside Kronborg Castle

From the Top of Kronborg Castle

Like many Castles of this type, Kronborg also had its own Chapel it was equally splendid and well restored.

The Chapel

We took a short pit-stop at the restaurant on-site near the castle before heading back in the general direction of the town. We stumbled across a small local maritime museum (which was a bit lack-lustre) along the way before finally arriving in the town centre. During the walk, we spotted what looked like Noah’s Ark moored near the Station. Having looked at their website and having a quick look, we still couldn’t quite work out why it was there at all!

The Ark – Has someone seen the weather forecast?

The Busy Town of Helsingor

Finally, with all our sight-seeing over, we headed back to the station for our convoluted journey back to the Hotel. All the connections were on time, and we dropped into a local cafe for  ‘one-last-latte’ before heading back to our room, to chill-out and then get packed for the journey home tomorrow afternoon.

We’ll be home by 8.30 UK time tomorrow, so what have we learned about Sweden and Denmark on this holiday?
– Not all Swedish women are blonde
– Prices in Sweden are on-par with London
– Getting around by Metro and Train is been really easy
– Watch out for the bikes, especially in Denmark, where they all cycle at 80mph+
– Very few overweight people
– Everyone speaks English, so language isn’t a problem
– Not many Starbuck’s but plenty of alternatives in Sweden – we recommend Espresso House
– They like their fish!

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