Holiday in Denmark and Sweden – Arrival

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Our day started with our 6.30 pickup by taxi to Birmingham Airport. Then, after what was possible the worst cooked breakfast I’ve ever tasted (thank you Wetherspoons!), we were soon on board our flight to Kastrup in Denmark.

A smooth flight courtesy of SAS landed us five minutes ahead of schedule. We yomped to the baggage reclaim area (which seemed miles away) and after a short delay of around 15 minutes, the belt sprung into life – as did we!

Next, we needed to get some rail tickets to get us to our first hotel – that was the easy bit, as there was a ticket machine right next to the reclaim area. Getting the TRAIN itself, proved to me more problematic – well, impossible actually, as we learned there was a national rail strike affecting ALL trains to and from Sweden and Denmark! Doh!
Oresund Bridge
The Bridge separating Denmark from Sweden

Still, the replacement bus service was pretty efficient, and we ended up getting a much better view from the BUS (rather than the train) across the Oresund Bridge as we slipped seamlessly from Denmark (Copenhagen) into Sweden (Malmo).

So, why land in Denmark, when we were spending the rest of our time in Sweden? Well, we wanted to experience travelling across the longest bridge in Europe (opened in July 2000) – some three miles – linking Sweden with Denmark. Wow! It just seemed to go on forever and was pretty busy, but it was a smoooooth trip, and after about 40 minutes we were disembarking the bus and heading for the centre of Malmo on the local metro. 

On arriving in the centre of Malmo, the next challenge was to find our HOTEL – The Mayfair. According to the travel instructions, it was located 150 metres from the Station. Well, maybe we came out the wrong part, but we seemed to walk miles before we actually found the place.

The Mayfair Hotel

But it was worth it – what a quaint hotel! Definitely, ‘old school’ with real keys to get into the room (none of this credit card rubbish!). and real wooden beams on the ceiling. After checking in, we sampled the endless circular staircase lugging our cases, before spotting the lift! Double dumbos!!!

Room 418 – Our home for the next three days

Room 418 will be our home for the next three days – and it looked and felt fab! Flat screen TV, fridge, nice bathroom, free wi-fi and one of those beds that doubles as a trampoline (super bouncy!) and raises and lowers both ends at the touch of a button. Super!!

After partially unpacking, we then took a short walk around the old-town to get our bearings. The Town Hall looked splendid – as did did the veal-and potato lunch that followed!
The Town Hall in Malmo

Ice cold Beer in Malmo

Veal was Here!

Suitably refreshed, we explored the rest of the town. Architecturally, it had a nice blend of ‘old’ and ‘new’ and was exceptionally busy with the locals going about their business – but mainly drinking and eating! (and this was a FRIDAY!). There were some ‘high end’ retail shops as well as plenty of places to eat that included local restaurants and western faves such as TGI’s, Burger King and McD’s 

The weather was really REALLY warm, and it was great just wandering about soaking up the rays, without much of a plan.

Scenes around the old town of Malmo

Malmo even has its own cathedral – very plain inside, but spotlessly clean with a corner inside, showing the original look.

Inside the Cathedral

Just as we finished our walk-about, we discovered that they also have river cruises, so if the weather continues to be as it is today, we’ll probably take a trip on the water tomorrow.

On returning to The Mayfair, we settled in the Lounge accompanied by endless coffee and a rather large jar of biscuits – perfect!

Then it was back to the room to finish unpacking – and then chill out for the rest of the evening.

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