Holiday – Abu Dhabi (Day 1)

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Well, here we are at the Shangri-La Qaryat Al Beri Hotel in Abu Dhabi. We’re here until Monday morning and then we fly to Oman.

Al Quaryat Hotel - Abu Dhabi
Now. we’ve had a good night’s sleep, we’re going to take a walk around the hotel. First, inside our room:




After breakfast and the briefing from the Tour Guide, Mohammed, we took the short walk to the water-taxi. Before we’d got very far, we suddenly heard the very loud (and I do mean  very)  banging of drums! The sound came from just outside the hotel entrance where curiosity got the better of us and all was revealed! Today was the beginning of the Chinese new year and a couple of ten-foot lions (and drummer) were entertaining the passers-by. We needn’t have followed the sound though, as they all then charged (do lions ‘charge’?) into the hotel reception, much to the amusement of the staff (who presumably experience this every year!). It was all very spectacular and great fun to watch!
After this short, unexpected flurry of activity, it was back to our original plan of a leisurely trip via water-taxi round the ‘canals’ surrounding the hotel and local souk. Even though it only took about 10 minutes, on this increasingly warm, sunny day, it felt just perfect!



After all that activity, and the forecast still looking good, the only thing left to do was to take a short walk around the immediate area and soak up the views with the aid of a deck-chair! – we’re only about 5 metres from the water!

BBC Weather forecast



20140131_145808_Al Khaleej Al Arabi St 
Thoroughly exhausted after lazing in the sun for a couple of hours, we took a short siesta before heading out for somewhere to eat. We didn’t have to look far as the souk next door had 14 restaurants to choose from! IN the end, we chose Lebanese – the Abdel Wahab. The food was tasty, and there was enough of it for at least another three more people! A couple of hours later, we were stuffed… and some! Bang goes the diet – again!! Maybe next week?
We waddled back to the hotel, where I got a chance to take some a couple of night shots.

…and then we collapsed in the hotel lounge and succumbed to the drinks menu!


We’re off for a half-day tour tomorrow around Abu-Dhabi as suggested by Mohammed this morning at the briefing – it promises to take in all the key sites. The weather forecast looks slightly cooler at 20-21 tomorrow, so for us, that’s perfect sightseeing weather. where’s the Alka-Seltzer…?
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