Wilting Spinach!

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Wot, no Trish!
Trish – where are you?

We were due to pop round to our good friends Trish and John this evening for a meal. However, Ann’s boundless energy rebounded, after a particularly busy week at work, and so I did the socialising whilst Ann recharged her batteries at home. Tom and Julie were there, as were Paul and Karen – and her two puppies (err, an in-joke, you had to be there!)

Trish did us proud with melt-in-the mouth beef, wilt-in-the-pan spinach (err, another in-joke!) and lashings of mash! The weather being officially ‘Summer’ was predictably unpredictable and although we began outside with our starters, we retreated indoors for the main event, returning outside with drinks afterwards.

It was good to get together and it gave us all a chance to catch-up with each others’ news.

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