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We all slept well in spite of our bed being wider than it was long! (I think I needed sat-nav to find the pillows!!! 🙂 On peering through the curtains, the weather looked a bit grey outside but at least there was no sign of snow.

We took a look at TripAdvisor and decided to head in the direction of Utrecht and the Rail Museum Speelklok (The Rail Museum). We took a taxi to the Station and then jumped on the appropriate train. About 45 minutes later, we were taxi-ing up to the entrance.

It looked busy – and it was!! Obviously, it’s a popular destination for the Dutch on a Sunday!! After a quick pitstop in the restaurant located just inside, we started to look round. Wow, it was big and even if your NOT a train addict (Denis is!), you couldn’t fail to be inpressed by the stuff on show. All lovingly restored – and definitely the better for it.

After a quick lunch, we headed back to the hotel, again by train. There was free Winfield on board, so that gave me a chance to catch-up on emails. Once we were at the station, we just need to grab a cab back to the hotel. To keep things interesting, we managed to find the only cab-driver in Holland (in my experience) with ‘anger management’ issues – he was SO angry… about Holland… about being a taxi-driver… about other drivers. You name it, he hated it!!! Still, it made it journey seem quicker as we tried to make polite conversation, and to help to ensure he didn’t have a heart attack whilst he was driving!!! 🙂

Back in the hotel, we cranked up the heating (boy, it sooooo cold here!) and generally chilled out.

We finished the evening, by all getting together n our room and watching Foyles’ War on ITV (yes, we’re even getting UK channels here – how do they do that?) – we certainly kow how to let our hair down!!!! 🙂

Tomorrow remains a blank canvas currently – we’ll study the map (and the weather forecast!) after breakfast and decide where we’re going to go. Hopefully no more angry taxi-drivers!!!!

Any comments?