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canon20D Way back on July 20 2005, I made a big decision to trade-in my existing camera for the then new and exciting DSLR, Canon 20D. At that time, this Canon model was pretty much the top-of-the-tree as far as semi-pro DSLRs were concerned.

How times (and technology) move on! Here we are almost five years later and it’s trade-in time again.

Panasonic Lumix g2 So, it’s bye-bye to the Canon and hello to the Panasonic Lumix G2.  The camera world has advanced so much in five-years, so comparisons between the two are almost pointless – the G2, is less than half the price with a gazillion more features!

With thousands more models on the market, what was a four-figure price for a camera back then, can now easily be bought for much less. This is most strongly illustrated in the trade-in price for my old Canon – unfortunately!!! Used prices have plummeted – When I bought the 20D way-back-then, it cost close to 1500 notes just for the camera body – and the trade-in today?, well, little more than 150!!!! Fortunately the camera shop was also interested in all my Canon dedicated lenses and the flash-gun too and the total trade-in price covered the price of the G2 including a standard lens.

Although my old Canon is probably technically superior (Panasonic might not agree), the new Panasonic Lumix is infinitely more flexible – it can even record HD video. Why the switch of brands? Well, I’ve always been impressed with Ann’s Panasonic Lumix T5 – a compact camera that seemed to be able to take photos even in the crappiest of conditions, whereas my Canon 20D was always a bit fussy and in certain conditions, produced a lot of underexposed shots in its lifetime (even when using the flash).  Technically, the Lumix is NOT a direct replacement the 20D, as it’s not a DSLR, it’s what they call a HYBRID – an evolved type that mimics the DSLR’s feature-list in many ways (and adds some!) but saves on size and weight. For the nerds it uses the Micro Four-thirds format.

And size and weight is probably the best feature of all. It’s about a third smaller and half the weight of the Canon – and that’ll be a great benefit if the Lumix does as much travel as the Canon did!

More information about the G2 camera HERE (pdf)
Panasonic Spring 2010 Camera Brochure HERE (pdf)
Accessories for the G2 HERE (pdf)

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