Paul and Karen’s for a Feast!

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imageWe walked all of three-yards tonight to one of our closest eateries! – Paul and Karen’s!

Rosi and David joined us and so did Debbie and Stefan – and we all prepared to be fed and watered in grand style.

We started off with sparkling wine and caught up with all the gossip – and then, it was time to get down to the seriousness of scoffing!

The food is always great as Karen is a brilliant cook – and tonight was no exception! Couple that with Paul, who is always great as bar-tender and co-host – the result? watered and stuffed to perfection!! …and then some.

Warm bread, olives, ‘magic’ mushrooms, squid and plenty of dips greeted us for starters, followed by lasagne, ooops moussaka, warm potatoes and salad. And, as if I wasn’t stuffed enough, Rosi had created a wonderful caramel-ey-vanilla-ey-pear dessert – mouth watering!

The watering continued with plenty of wine, although being a smug-bugger, I stuck to Coke, upholding my Lent list and efforts to reduce my my alcohol intake. Unusually, Paul was out of Port, but Stefan rescued the situation by popping home and bringing back a large bottle.

By just after midnight, I was flagging, and as often happens, we were first to head for the long journey home! – leaving the others to help minimise the left-overs!!

Karen/Paul – that was a brilliant night – thanks! and Rosi… a nice pair, sorry pear.

Forgot to mention the cheese that Rosi brought with her (in fact, it walked into the room on its own!!! – Vacherin Mont d’or

Clocks forward tonight – we’ll be shattered in the morning!

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