Barbados, here we come…

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Having dropped the hire-car back at Paul’s last night gave us both a bit more time this morning. Ann had a productive morning and so did I – we we were ahead of schedule.

10:59:59. We logged on to the BA website, and chose our seats (the system only allows us to do this, 24 hours before the flight takes off)

12.15. We dropped the cats off at the Cattery in Ringstead – poor little babies…they looked so confused! 🙂

14.17. We’re leaving for Ralph and Karen’s. It was a good journey, although there was plenty of black-ice as we got nearer to theirs.

16.00. Arrived at Princes Risborough, but it took a few attempts to get up to their house as the approaching road was covered in snow. Fortunately, Bruce the taxi-driver who was going to drive us all the Gatwick Airport, got out his spade together with Karen and cleared a route through – phew!

16.15. After (just) getting all the cases in the Lexus, we set off for the airport. The local roads were a nightmare, but OK once we got onto the motorways.

17.45. We arrived at the Sofitel, a rather large and impersonal hotel based at the north terminal. There was  quite a queue to check-in, but after 30 minutes of so, we’d got our key-cards.

18.30. We found our room and partially unpacked….but the most important thing on our minds now was FOOD! 🙂 We decided to opt for the easy option and got a table in the Chinese restaurant just opposite the check-in desks. The service was very good and the food, very welcome.

21.20 On returning to our room, we found that none of the lights were working. Everything else was OK, TV, air conditioning etc, but the lights were done-for! In spite of one of the staff trying his best, it wasn’t going to get sorted tonight. We were given the option of switching rooms, but we were too tired, so we settled for a torch instead.

Nighty night!!

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