Yes, October!, No, late October!, No err, Yes, early November!, Maybe, No, 23rd November! No, the 30th November, No, maybe December 2009!!!

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htc-hd2-T8585-phone-review-9 After quite a few false-dawns resulting in a massive 240,000+ posts on the O2 Forum (that only started on 24 September), the new HTC HD2 phone has finally arrived on O2! I’d actually resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t going to be available until Monday, 23rd – next week -at the earliest, and some were even saying it would be as late as DECEMBER!!

htc-hd2-T8585-phone-review-10I’m out for most of next week so there would be no-one here to take delivery of it, and If I recall correctly, because it’s a high-value item, the couriers won’t even deliver it to a neighbours. I’m therefore glad I decided to take a look at the O2 Discussion Forum this morning to see if there was any any new news of its availability.

htc-hd2-T8585-phone-review-7Surprise, surprise! a few new posts revealed that some customers had been advised by O2 customer services that the phone could be ordered TODAY, ahead of the official launch on Monday

I thought I might as well try as well.

Success! Easy-peasy! I’ve acquired the phone for 97.86 on an 18 month contract of 35 quid per month and that includes:

  • 600 minutes
  • 1000 texts
  • Unlimited data

Now I’d call that a good deal!

Full review HERE from 4WinMobile
It could be here tomorrow! Boys and their toys ehh???


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