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htc_leo_gold_ddate OK gadget fans – Since Wednesday’s blog about this phone, the internet has suddenly become flooded with more rumours of HTC’s ‘iPhone-killer’. The latest news suggests that it’ll be called the HTC HD2 (which is logical, considering it looks a bit like the original ‘HD’). Rumours also suggest that it’s an October 12 launch… in the UK anyway… and the best news of all (for me anyway!) is that it’ll be available on O2.

No prices yet, but I reckon it’ll be in the 40 quid a month/2 year contract region.

I want one – and I want one NOW!

The Rumours…

HTC Leo coming to O2 on 12 October?
By Duncan Geere
HTC Leo coming to O2 on 12 October? – O2 intranet suggests imminent launch. : Latest News –

HTC Leo coming to O2 October 12th?
By admin
HTC Leo coming to O2 October 12th? September 24th, 2009 | Author: admin. htc_leo_01-02. Engadget is quoting a “tipster with a proven past” who states the much anticipated HTC HD2 is coming to O2 as soon as October 12th. –

HTC Touch HD2 (HTC Leo) to launch in the UK on October 12th
By admin
According to a tipster over at Engadget, UK mobile operator 02’s intranet list the “HTC HD2″ (also know as the HTC Leo) as being launched on October 12th. Only time will tell, but I’m not holding my breath. The HTC Leo/HD2 isn’t
MobileTechWorld –

Tipster says: O2 UK October 12 Launch for HTC Leo (HD2) | RSS For
By admin
We have just come across some amazing information about the sexy HTC HD2 aka Leo and its launch date. According to Engadget they have had the amazing news …
RSS For Gadgets –

Technology News: HTC Leo will be launching on October 12
By maradona
Resource Engadget, citing a “reliable source” told the release date communicator HTC HD2. According to reports, under this title at the British operator O2 may receive model HTC Leo. This unit has not been officially announced and its
Technology News –

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