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500gb_disk I had a productive morning revamping an old Course and fine-tuning one for later this week, so I was well-ahead. I used the time to start work on trying to solve the problem with Ann’s PC. It’s been suffering from random re-boots and ‘forgetting’ drive ‘e’.
I know for certain, it’s not a software problem, so I turned my attention to the hardware.

Fortunately, those nice people at Aria delivered the replacement hard-disk this morning (I only ordered it on Saturday), and I set to work. Only time will tell, but the installation and data transfer fortunately went without a hitch. As it’s a Maxtor, I used their free Maxblast software for setting it up. After installation, what was immediately obvious was the data transfer speed! It took almost FOUR hours to copy the data from the old hard-disk and just 45 minutes to copy it back. Impressive stuff!

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