Take-away with Ian and Sharon

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Ian and Sharon are on a week’s break and were not too far away in St Neots. So, we drove over there catch-up with them and sample a local take-away!

They were staying at Paxton Hill House which contains three self-catering units in the grounds of a large privately-owned country house.

We arrived around 6.40 after initially having some problems locating the place (we turned right too early!)

On arrival, it was up a steep spiral staircase to their apartment – ‘The Loft’ – which sounds cramped but was in fact the complete opposite! What a place…so roomy…and very modern-looking.

We had a quick natter and then ordered the Chinese. It was a short drive into town and we were back and eating by 7.45.

We spent a lot of the time reflecting on our jobs and the future. We decided that this was the year to take some risks and ‘think ‘outside the box’.

The time flew, and before we knew it, it was 9 o’clock and time to leave (if Ann was to get the early train for London tomorrow).

In the end we left just before 9.45. We had a good journey home and we were in bed by 10.30.

It was good to catch up!

More information about Paxton Hill House HERE

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