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Ann's new camera That was a bargain! I ordered a refurbed Panasonic Lumix TZ3 from Amazon over the weekend and it turned up today. It’s an excellent piece of tech with an astounding 10x optical (yes, optical) zoom. There is no other camera that can touch it currently for this feature – apart from others in the Lumix range.

It’s also got a ‘widescreen’ mode which makes pictures taken at the widest angle look very impressive.

Here is what Panasonic’s web-site said:
Panasonic’s DMC-TZ3 was recognised as “European Compact Camera 2007-2008.” The LUMIX camera was seen by the photo panel as “a very compact camera with a sharp 28-280mm zoom lens. As this covers every popular focal length, this is a great camera for travelling and for holidays. The AF system is also fast and responsive and the optical image stabiliser permits using the telephoto settings without a tripod. The jury also noted that the ‘Traveller’ nickname was appropriate.

More detailed spec HERE

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